How to get glowing rocks in The Survivalists

Don’t let the swamp bugs bite.

If you’ve built a teleporter in the Survivalists, odds are you find yourself with an unpowered heap of wood and gold. Glowing rocks act as batteries for teleporters, and you will need a lot of them to power multiple teleporters across the map. And you will want multiple teleporters.

Finding glowing rocks is simple but presents its own challenges. Like the gem stones that help build the teleporters, glowing rocks are found only in one biome with an environmental hazard. To find glowing rocks, you will need a raft with a sail and elixirs. Elixirs require clean water and can be made in the cooking pot.

Glowing rocks are late-game items. They are not used for building, only to power teleporters. Powering teleporters is important, but not if you don’t have teleporters, to begin with. If you happen to find glowing rocks, pick them up for future use, but do not go out of your way early to find them.

Glowing rocks look similar to gem stones. They are green and found on large grey and green nodes. They can only be found in the swamp biome along with some metal nodes and fruit trees, and take more hits than a metal node with a lightweight pick, so bring some spares.

Similar to the volcanic biome, the swamp biome will slowly drain your health. The swamp has bugs that bite and harass you as you progress through the biome. We found these more irritating than the heat in volcanic biomes. The heat is limited to certain parts of the biome and only affects you if you stand on it. The bugs are a constant presence in the swamp biome. You will need multiple elixirs to endure it.