How to get gold in Roblox Skyblock

Off to a new island.


Skyblock is a popular game in Roblox that allows you to build your own islands and explore a fun world. Recent updates have added new resources to the game, so many people are wondering how to get gold.

There will be some killing involved in getting the gold, so be sure you have a sword. Bring the best sword you have, because one of the creatures we need to kill has a lot of health. Head to the purple portal to visit the vendors. You will need to visit the Adventurer vendor in the Mine area. There will be a purple portal in a stone archway beside him. You need to buy a Slime Island Key for 200 coins from the Adventurer vendor, then go through the portal.

It costs 200 Coins every time you want to visit Slime Island, so make sure you don’t leave too early. On Slime Island, you will find lots of small green slimes that you can kill. Keep killing them until one of them drops the Buffalkor Key.

There will be another portal on the island that you can use when the key drops, and this will bring you to a whole new island. Buffalkors spawn here, and killing them can net you some gold. They have substantial health bars, however, so killing them can take some time. You should also keep your eye out while on this new island, as you can find some gold veins that you can mine, but these are quite rare.

Once you have enough gold gathered up, you can then leave the island.