How to get the new Tidal Spellbook in Roblox Skyblock Islands

Splash your enemies with the new secret weapon in Roblox.

The past weekend saw a new weapon come to Roblox‘s Skyblock Islands. It’s a powerful weapon that can deal a good amount of damage, so, naturally, it isn’t easy to get. You’re going to be killing a lot of Wizards to get the weapon. Beyond that, there will be more steps to take, which can last awhile. 

While we can’t make the process short or easy, we can still walk you through what you’ll need to do to get your hands on this new weapon!

Get the Blueprints

Lizard Wizard

You will need to obtain the weapon’s blueprints to craft it, which is where the bulk of the process will be.

First, you’ll need to go through Slime Island to get a Buffalkor Island Key. Use this key to then travel to Buffalkor Island, where you will have to kill a bunch of Buffalkor, waiting for them to drop a Wizard Island Key. As you can guess, use this key to go to Wizard Island.

On this island will be a lot of Wizard Lizards. Just start killing them. You will have to kill A LOT of Lizard Wizards; the drop rate for the blueprints is 0.04%, so it will have come down your luck and the gods of RNG to speed up this process.

Crafting the Tidal Spellbook


When that miraculous event happens, and you have the blueprints, you’ll need to head to an Anvil to craft it. To do this, you’ll need two Crystallized Aquamarine and a regular Spellbook.

Crystallized Aquamarine can be found by mining Aquamarine Nodes. These spawn in the bodies of water at Slime Island and the shop hub. Mine these until you get two of these items. If you have enough coins, you can also just buy it from someone.

Spellbooks can be crafted at an Anvil with a Red Page, a Green Page, and a Blue Page.

With these in tow, you can finally craft the Tidal Spellbook!

Using the Tidal Spellbook

The Tidal Spellbook is just like a normal spellbook: it lets you shoot projectiles at enemies. The difference is that these projectiles will do splash damage. The damage to a single target is 60, and if another enemy is hit with it, it will do 20 damage. If you can group a ton of enemies together, you can drop them so easily with this weapon.

However, since the damage to one enemy is 60 – which is equal to a regular Spellbook – this is only really beneficial for situations where you can group enemies together.

It’s a new weapon to the game, and even if it doesn’t look that great, it has enough benefits to make it worthwhile. It all depends on where you plan to play and how you plan to play. Who doesn’t like to get new weapons, anyway?

Roblox is available now on PC, macOS, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Fire OS.