How to get good starts in F1 2021

Get off on the right foot.

Image via Codemasters

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You can’t exactly win a race at the start of a Formula 1 event, but you certainly can but yourself in the right position with a good one. A good start in F1 2021 depends not just on the buttons, but also how quickly you can hit it. So, what should you know about getting a big head start in F1 2021? Let’s go over what you need to do.

When you’re at the starting line, it might be tempting to press and hold RT (for Xbox) or R2 (for PlayStation) until the five red lights hit and you are ready to start the race. This is not the best approach, especially if you are using manual gears as opposed to auto gear shifts.

To get a good start, key in on the lights before the race begins. Instead of pressing and holding RT/R2 before the start, put your finger right on it, but don’t press and hold. Once you get the go-ahead to start, immediately press RT/R2 and get moving.

There is one last piece to consider when trying to get a good start. You’ll need to quickly shift up in gears, immediately upon moving at the start of the race. If you don’t do so, you’ll be stuck in a lower speed at the start of the race. This will cause you to lose speed, and time, which can allow opposing drivers to get past you on the track. Shift up quickly, ideally up to 5, and make sure to be cognizant of the first turn. Do that, and you should be on the path to a solid race.