How to take a photo in F1 2021

Say cheese.

Image via Codemasters

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Screenshots in racing games can look amazing if done right. From the stylish looks of the cars, to the views of around the track, photos can be a great way to save a great moment in the game, or be something that’s really cool to show off. If you’re looking to take a photo in F1 2021, we’ve got you covered, so let’s take a look at what you need to get that done.

If you find a moment you want to take a photo of, you’ll need to first pause the game. Then, from the pause menu, go and select the Replay/Flashback tab. From here, you’ll want to hit Start/Options again at the moment you want to take a picture of. You can go back about 10 seconds into the past, and this can be done with either LT/RT (for Xbox) or L2/R2 (for PlayStation).

At this point, you can take a photo by taking a screenshot the way you normally would on your console or platform. For example, Xbox users can hit the Home button, and then hit Y to take a screenshot. Or, you can mess around with the different options, including changing the Y-Axis, zoom into the photo and take the sharper screenshots, or change the view via different angles. F1 2021 offers a number of different options, so make sure to go through them before taking the perfect shot.