How to get Growing Power in Warframe

Strength booster.


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In Warframe, Growing Power is an Aura Mod. You can only equip a single Aura Mod in each build, and they can often form the basis of a build. Be it melee-focused, weapon focused, or ability focused, an Aura Mod can really level up a build.

Growing Power will increase a Warframe’s ability strength after inflicting a status effect with weapons on any enemy. It will not trigger from status effects caused by abilities, only from weapons.

RankAbility StrengthDurationCapacity Cost
0+4.2%1 second-2
1+8.3%2 seconds-3
2+12.5%3 seconds-4
3+16.6%4 seconds-5
4+20.1%5 seconds-6
5+25%6 seconds-7

How to get Growing Power

You can get Growing Power by killing a Knave Spectre at the Silver Grove Shrine in an Earth mission. To summon a Knave Spectre you will need to use a Nightfall Apothic at the Shrine.

Nightfall Apothic

How To Find The Silver Grove

The Silver Grove Shrine will only show up in your levels if you have already finished the Silver Grove quest. First things first, put your Apothic in your Gear wheel. Now, load into the Capture mission on Earth, run to the target, and capture them. This will give you all the time in the world to find the Silver Grove. Run around the map, making sure to cover every inch of it. You are looking for a small tunnel that leads to the Grove. This tunnel can spawn anywhere. I find it helpful to have your map on (hit M on PC), as this way you will be able to see if you missed a tunnel.

Interact with the Shrine to use the Apothic, then kill the Knave Spectre. Growing Power has a drop rate of 6.06%.