Where to get Sunlight Threshcones in Warframe

Get in touch with nature to find this plant in Warframe.


If you are trying to find the Silver Grove Spectres in Warframe, you need to get your hands on Sunlight Threshcones. You can only find the plant on the Grineer Forrest tileset, during the day. Sunlight Threshcones can be found on the ground, near the bases of trees, or growing under stairs all over the levels.

Sunlight Threshcones are small plants that look a lot like pinecones. To harvest the plant, you scan it with your Codex or Synthesis Scanners. When collecting this resource, you want to use the Cross-Matrix Widget upgrade you can purchase from Cephalon Simaris for your Synthesis Scanner for 50,000 standing.

The widget has a 45 percent chance of counting any successful scan as two scans, yielding twice the resources.

To find the Sunlight Threshcones, you can check on the following levels on Earth:

  • Cambria – Spy
  • Cervantes – Sabotage
  • E Prime – Exterminate
  • Mantle – Capture

Due to the nature of all the above missions, the tileset generates a large level, giving ample opportunities to find Sunlight Threshcones.

  • Dusklight Sarracenia – located in the swampy waters of the Grineer Shipyard Missions. (Ceres)
  • Moonlight Dragonlilies – found at nighttime in Grineer Forest missions. (Earth)
  • Sunlight Threshcones – found during the daytime in Grineer Forest missions. (Earth)

If you need to check what time of day it is in-game, you can use websites like Deathsnack’s Stuff, or Warframe Hub. These sites are the easiest way to see what time it is on Earth in Warframe, and how long is left in the day/night cycle.

Keep in mind that your Helios Sentinel cannot automatically scan these resources or any other plant resource in the game. You must use your Codex or Synthesis Scanner to harvest them.