How to Score Higher on Delivery Orders in Death Stranding

Completing deliveries is the name of the game in Death Stranding. These are how Sam is going to spend his time working through the map, and many of them are not going to prove easy. Following the end of these deliveries, players are going to earn a score based on how well they did. Here some of the best things you can do to get a high score at the end of one and tips of what you should do to get a higher score.

How to Score Higher in Delivery Orders in Death Stranding

You’re going to find the best way to delivery to items you’re bringing to your clients in Death Stranding is to get there in an orderly fashion. However, not everything is going to want you getting there, and you’ll find traversing the environment is no small feat. There are plenty of challenges to overcome, even finding the best way to run across a small hill or bypassing small ledges and gaps in your way.

Players are going to get rated on several factors based on the final delivery of their package. Here’s what clients are looking for and grading you on:

  • The condition of your boxes and how damaged they are
  • How quickly you were able to deliver the package successfully
  • Completing the delivery

The first two are the most important. Of the two, getting the package delivered without any damage can prove challenging. Sam is going to face plenty of challenges when he embarks on delivery, and protecting those supplies is going to prove hard.

For one thing, there are enemies eager to attack him, and they could easily damage those supplies. If they receive any, they’re going to start to spark, and they’re going to start sparking and smoking. You can always take the time to heal these supplies by going out of your way to repairing them, or you can choose to redeploy those supplies to your location for Sam.

The other, equally challenging task is successfully navigating the terrain of the game and getting to a delivery site on time. Players can cut their time in half by running to locations, but this can prove troublesome because Sam tends to fall. They’ll have to rely on rebalancing themselves during their journey or going at a slower pace.

Additionally, players are going to get better at moving around the terrain by playing the game more, getting used to the way the environment and how Sam reacts to it when he’s moving around. To get an idea of the terrain ahead of yourself, you can always scan the area to see the small markers on the environment. These markers signify difficult terrain — blue for easy, yellow for medium, and red for unpassable. Sam can easily traverse the blue markers, but it takes a little time for him to go across the yellow. While blue is more comfortable, it doesn’t mean Sam can’t trip and fall, so still go easy and keep a steady hand on the cargo.

The final factor of getting a decent delivery score is finishing the delivery in the first place. While it does show up on the score sheet, there’s almost no reason to mention it because to get the order sheet, players need to complete the delivery.

Beyond these methods, you’re not too worried about too much else. There’s the connection level with the contractor, but those don’t get factored into the score. There’s also the distance traveled, but again, those numbers do not get factored into everything.

Make sure to review your scorecards every time you complete a mission, and you should get higher orders throughout your playthrough of Death Stranding.