How to get Hot Pockets gear in PUBG: Battlegrounds

This is a real guide.

Image via Krafton

As a battle royale game, PUBG: Battlegrounds is ripe for crossovers and cross-promotions, especially when it comes to cosmetics. The latest product to enter the mix is Hot Pockets — now we just need Mountain Dew to complete the holy trinity. Jokes, aside there are five goodies to grab as part of the new promotion. Here’s what you can get and how to get it.

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What kind of gear is it?

You won’t be wielding a pepperoni gun with this promotion, as fun as that would be. Instead, you can get five pieces of equipment: a helmet, a jacket, gloves, pants, and shoes (all pictured at the top of this article). Each one has the yellow-and-red color palette of the Hot Pockets branding. The jacket and pants almost look like the filling of the actual snack. The design will definitely stand out if you’re trying to hide among the green grass and brown tree trunks in wooded areas, but at least you can dress like a microwave Iron Man.

How do I get the gear?

Getting the gear takes a few steps. First, you have to buy a qualifying Hot Pockets product — the list is on the official website. After that, you can enter your email and upload a picture of your receipt via another site. At that point, you’ll be emailed a code which you can redeem within PUBG itself. If you want all five pieces of gear, then you’ll need to make five different purchases and repeat the process. Five codes max will be given per person.

Image via Krafton

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