How to get infinite boost in Sonic Frontiers

Non-stop running.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is a creature that just has to go fast at all times. Unfortunately, when you first start Sonic Frontiers, it can feel like he is a little slowed down compared to other games. Luckily, you can increase his speed through various means, but when you boost yourself, you will be given only a momentary time where you can have this increased speed unless you unlock it fully. Here is how to get an infinite boost in Sonic Frontiers.

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How to unlock infinite boost in Sonic Frontiers

Getting an infinite boost in Sonic Frontiers is very easy, but while it lets you boost unendingly, it will eventually run out, forcing you to activate it again. To do this, you need to make an infinity symbol (like a sideways 8) with your Cyloop ability. When you do it properly, your boost meter will momentarily appear with the infinity symbol, and you can boost non-stop. You also will likely get some rings or Memory Tokens when you complete these loops.

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We recommend combining this infinite boost with Power Boosting, which is done when you have the most rings you can carry. This will allow you to quickly run all over the island and reach any part of it very quickly. It’s also just really fun to run like this, making fast travel a non-desirable factor.

Unfortunately, the infinite boost power-up is only momentary. That being said, you can constantly refresh it by making the infinity symbol with Cyloop. It can not be carried into the Cyber Space levels, so this is meant to be a way to get around the larger maps quickly without slowing down. There is no special unlock you need outside of the Cyloop ability, which is one of the first things you get in the game.