How to get inside the ship in the Presage Exotic quest – Destiny 2


Destiny 2

The Presage Exotic Quest in Destiny 2 begins by putting you in front of a large that is not going to open. You need to gain entry to the ship, but you can’t do it by going forward. Turn around and walk down the ramp, then look to the right.

You will see a small platform jutting out of the far side of the ship. It’s time for a spacewalk.

The above video will show you the exact route to take, or the below sequence of images will show you step by step what to do.

Jump across to the platform, then walk down the side of the ship, jumping to the next platform. You will come to an awkward corner, so jump around it, making sure not to float off into space.

When you reach the end of that platform, jump directly across to the higher platform in front of you. If there are floating boxes in the way, shooting them will make them move.

Keeping jumping from platform to platform until you reach a sequence of them that are stacked on top of one other. Climb upward, jumping from one to the next, until you reach the top.

When you reach the very top, look down the length of the ship and you will see a platform tucked away under an awkward overhang. You need to jump down and land on the platform, but be careful, and use the floaty physics of space to your advantage.

Now that you are inside the ship, you can continue on exploring the rest of the Presage Exotic Quest.