How to get into Redd’s boat in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Redd’s boat contains many treasures.

There are a handful of new features alongside the latest 1.2.0 release for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Not only do you have a new seasonal event, Nature Day, but there are a handful of new merchants wandering around your island, such as Lefi and Redd. When Redd first arrives at your island, many players are wondering how do you get into his boat to purchase his art? There are some things you need to do first.

For those who want Redd to spawn in the first place, you need to speak to Blathers about adding an art gallery wing to your museum. All you have to do is talk with him after the hard work you’ve done collecting various fossils, bugs, and fish for him to add to the overall collection. Following that conversation, you need to wait a full 24-hours before Redd shows up.

When he does show up, his boat also arrives with him in the northern part of your island. The exact location varies based on your island’s layout. While the boat is there, you won’t be able to interact with it. Instead, you need to go and find Redd, who is wandering around your island. You can usually find him around the front of your Residents Center, and when you speak to him, he’s interested in offering you the first of many pieces of art for a discount price. After that, turn it into Blathers, who can use it to open up the art gallery for your museum, which takes a few days to construct.

You will then have access to Redd’s ship moving forward. You shouldn’t have any problems accessing him, but he only shows up on select days. Rather than waiting for him to show up, we know a good trick to have him show up every day.