How to get into the Battlefield Mobile play tests – beta start date, platforms, and more

Prepare for war.

With interest in Battlefield Mobile expect to be quite high, many players out there will be gunning to get access to playtests. It won’t be easy, and you will need to be lucky to get in. The beta is specifically available for phones running Android 7.0 and up, and will not be available on iOS phones at this time.

Testing will begin in Indonesia and the Philippines, and those tests are expected to begin in Autumn 2021. One important point to note is that when tests begin in your region, they might still be limited to a small number of players there, not the entire country.

Once the game becomes available in your region, you’ll be able to pre-register for it on your local Google Play Store page, and you’ll be informed automatically when the playtesting opens up in your area. As we said, the testing slots may be limited, so don’t expect to be guaranteed entry to the tests, just because you registered.

So, to quickly run through everything you need to know:

  • Keep and eye on you on your local Google Play Store page, and register when it goes live
  • You will receive a notification when pre-registering is open
  • Testing slots will be limited
  • Access is not guaranteed just becase you preregistered
  • Slots are filled on a first come, first served basis when the testing does go live
  • The testing will be invite only, so you MUST preregister to get access
  • There are no set start dates for any region