Battlefield Mobile details leak on Play Store ahead of official reveal [Updated]

Take the battlefield with you.

Image via Electronic Arts

Update September 3, 4:39 AM CT: Electronic Arts has officially announced Battlefield Mobile. The game is developed by Industrial Toys, led by Alex Seropian, one of the co-founders of Bungie, the studio behind the Halo franchise. It will be a free-to-play title that only includes purchases for cosmetic items.

The first Battlefield Mobile playtest will begin this Autumn in Indonesia and the Philippines, and will only be available on Android devices (running Android 7.0 and up). The publisher has promised to add more regions in the future.

Original Story: A Battlefield Moblie listing on the Google Play Store has revealed plenty of details about the upcoming title ahead of its official reveal, which was planned for later today. The leaked details include some weapons, maps, and general details about the game.

As you might expect, it wouldn’t be a Battlefield title without vehicles, and both tanks and ATVs are confirmed to be in the game. The series’ traditional classes are also present, and players will get to choose to play as a Medic, Support, Recon, or Assault player, and each one will have customizable loadouts.

The game description also promises some form of destruction in the game, stating “you’ll experience the same wild situations and explosive spectacles Battlefield is famous for,” and goes on to mention that it includes “outrunning a collapsing tower on your ATV”. The tower collapse could be a callback to a famous moment from the series where the massive broadcast tower on the Caspian Border map would collapse at the end of each round in Battlefield 3.

Some of the screenshots also include a background that is clearly the Grand Bazaar map, also from Battlefield 3. As such, it seems that the maps in the game might be brought in from other titles rather than freshly made just for Battlefield Mobile.

EA is expected to reveal the game later today, and we expect to get a release date at the time, as unfortunately, none was included in the leaked information. It is likely that the game will launch in 2022, as EA may not want to distract from the launch of Battlefield 2042 later this year.