How to get into the Cellar bar in The Grotto in Elex II

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When you’re exploring The Grotto, home of the Morkons inĀ Elex II, you’ll be directed to the local bar, the Cellar. However, you can’t get into the area straight away because Jax isn’t a Morkon, and there’s a beefy man called Batulga blocking the way. This guide explains how to get past Batulga so you can head down into the Cellar.

Step 1: Speak to Batulga and take on some work

Screenshot by Gamepur

After the guided quest around The Grotto, return to Batulga and speak to him. There are a few options that you can choose that will get you into the bar, but the one that we found to be the easiest and cheapest is taking on some work. While it looks like you can fight Batulga or pay him for entry, we wouldn’t recommend this if you’re still early on in the story.

Step 2: Complete Cleaning up the Grotto

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Batulga will give you the Cleaning up the Grotto quest. This requires you to run around The Grotto and pick up rubble, small rocks scattered all over the floor. Once you’ve done this, return to Batulga for the second part of the quest, where you need to dump the rubble into a pile nearby. When you’ve completed this quest, Batulga will allow you to pass and finally enter the Cellar bar.