What is Destruction in Elex II?

Learn how the world perceives you.


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While working your way through the main story in Elex II, you’ll notice that some decisions you make impact something called Destruction, but you’re never told explicitly what this means. This guide explains what Destruction is and why you should care about it.

Destruction is morality

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When you gain or lose Destruction, it’ll change where Jax sits on the Destruction and Creation meter. You can track this in your inventory. Essentially, the higher your Destruction rating, the worse your reputation. You can raise your Destruction rating by killing NPCs that aren’t attacking you or making certain dialogue choices that make you seem inhuman or uncaring. You can lower your Destruction rating through random acts of kindness such as giving people cigarettes, drinks, money, and making positive dialogue choices.

This system differs from the Hot and Cold one in Elex because consuming Elex and Elexit doesn’t lower your rating. The only way your morality changes is through your actions. If you have a low Destruction rating, people are more likely to react positively to you and help you. If you have a high Destruction rating, many people will likely go out of their way to avoid or ignore you.