How to learn Alb Magic in Elex II

Throw some ice and lightning around.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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If you look at your abilities menu, you will see a wide variety of choices for your character. You are granted a limited amount of ability points in Elex II, so choosing how you want to play is important. Alb Magic consists of magic centered around Ice and Lightning spells, with abilities such as Ice Fist and Blizzard being your main damage abilities. If you want to sling frost around, you’ll need to know how to learn Alb Magic in Elex II.

Before you can learn any ability, you have to locate an appropriate trainer — and so it makes sense that the Alb Magic trainer would be located in Alb territory, Ignadon. However, you cannot access the trainer until you have officially joined the Albs — a series of difficult quests that require you to travel around the game world investigating Alb problems. Once you have joined the Albs and attained the rank of Scout, you will need to track down Kell, the Alb Trainer.

However, Kell won’t train you right away — he’s far too busy oiling up rotors in his mechs. He needs you to track down some blueprints to reduce his workload before he’ll have time to train you. The quest “Blueprints for Kell” will require you to head to Cleric territory first, and then to a destroyed crater to grab blueprints that are being guarded by a behemoth enemy. It is recommended that you Jet-Pack in, grab the blueprints, and Jet-Pack out to safety, as you are likely ill-equipped to fight that behemoth.