How to get Jet Ski Jacky skin in Brawl Stars

Grab the new Jacky skin through Power League.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The arrival of the new season in Brawl Stars has brought many new features to the game, including a new Power League. As is the case with every Power League season, players can compete in solo or duo mode and climb up the rankings by winning matches. Apart from earning Star Power for finishing in high ranks, players can also get their hands on Jet Ski Jacky skin through Power League.

How to get Jet Ski Jacky skin

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the skin, players need to win 50 games in Power League. However, winning 50 games will only unlock the skin, and players will need to purchase the skin to own it. Once you have unlocked the skin, players can buy the skin for 25000 Star Points. Jet Ski Jacky skin comes with custom animations that fit the summer theme perfectly.

Apart from the Jet Ski Jacky skin, players can get an exclusive icon for winning 25 games in Power League or by reaching Gold 1 rank. Power League is a great opportunity for players to stack Star Points, as a high-rank finish will result in more Star Points. The entire season of Power League will last until 26 August, so players have plenty of time to hit the necessary milestones.