How to get Killmonger in Marvel Snap

Add this card to your deck.

Image via Second Dinner and Marvel

There are multiple cards you can unlock while playing Marvel Snap. Each card has a unique set of abilities, power, and energy requirements, making them a unique choice to use in your deck. Killmonger is one of these characters you can add to your deck, but you will need to make sure you unlock him. Here’s what you need to know about getting Killmonger for your deck in Marvel Snap.

Where to get Killmonger in Marvel Snap

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut way to unlock Killmonger and begin using him against your opponents. There are two ways for you to unlock cards in Marvel Snap. The first way is by increasing your Collection Level, which you can do by upgrading your cards’ rarity using Boosters and Credits. There’s a chance you can receive Killmonger as a reward in the progression path, but it all comes down to luck, so you will need to continue doing this until the Killmonger card becomes available.

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The second way to do this is to wait for the Killmonger, or a variant of Killmonger, to appear in the shop. When Killmonger appears in the shop, you will need to use Gold to purchase him, which you can acquire by directly using money in the Marvel Snap store or by progressing through the Weekly challenges or the Seasonal track. Both choices are good ways to earn Gold, but it is a premium currency, so that it will take a bit of time.

All of this boils down to chance, though. The Killmonger card will be available when it comes to you, but waiting for it to appear in the Collection path or in the Store are your best options.