The best ways to spend gold in Marvel Snap

Maximize your most limited resource.

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Like in any free to play card game, Marvel Snap has a few different currencies you’ll need to juggle to unlock everything it has to offer. Fortunately, gold (the more “premium” currency) is available in small amounts to all players, even those who don’t spend any actual money buying it. You can spend gold on pretty much anything in the game aside from unlocking most cards, but if you want to maximize the value of your gold, there’s a fairly simple way to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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What to spend gold on in Marvel Snap

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In general, your most limited resource in Marvel Snap will be credits, which you need to upgrade cards, improve your Collection Level, reach new card pools, and unlock almost any card. Because of this, we recommend using your gold to maximize the number of credits you have. Although you can always just buy credits with gold, the more efficient way to get credits is to spend your gold to refresh your daily missions.

These daily missions are randomized, and some will net you more credits than others, but over the long run, they’re a much better investment than just buying credits. Buying a refresh gives you two new daily missions immediately. When doing this, it’s also important to keep in mind the timer that tells you when they will refresh on their own, as well as the six-mission maximum. If you already have five missions, buying a refresh is a waste of gold, as you can only get one more mission. Alternatively, if the timer is close to refreshing and you’re already at three or more missions, you’re probably better off waiting until you free up another mission slot.

Of course, you’ll have an easier time picking up gold if you have the Symbiote Invasion season pass. There is still a good amount of gold available for free, though, in the standard season pass and especially the weekly mission rewards. Don’t feel the need to pay for the premium pass just for the gold if you aren’t so inclined.