How to Get Kleavor in Pokemon Indigo Disk DLC: Wild Spawn & Black Augurite Location

Kleavor has returned in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk and players can add it to their team at long last.

Pokemon Indigo Disk Kleavor

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Kleavor makes a valiant return in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC as Scyther’s ancient secondary evolution. Players will have the chance to catch this duel-type Pokemon once again, even without its Black Augurite evolution item.

Kleavor was first introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus. It was an awesome Pokemon then and is just as cool now that it’s here in Indigo Disk, and I’m excited to see its return. This Bug/Rock dual-type Pokemon is a bit tricky to catch when you do find him so make sure to bring the right team and enough Pokeballs to get the job done.

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Where to Find Kleavor in Pokemon Indigo Disk DLC

Pokemon Indigo Disk map highlighting Kleavor's Location
Screenshot by Gamepur

Kleavor is located in the Craggy Canyon Biome on top of one of the mountains. Players will know they are in the right place when they start to see a lot of Black Augurite (large formations of shiny black stone) jutting up from the ground. The fastest way to look for the area is to climb up the mountains with Miraidon or Koraidon as high as you can, then start looking for a plateau area near the border between the Craggy Caonyon Biome and the Subtropical Savanna Biome. Once it’s found, glide on right over. Kleavor will be walking around among the other Pokemon.

Kleavor is a rare Pokemon and only spawns in this single area among the Black Augurite, seemingly one at a time. It does not seem to appear in other areas of the game. We found that Kleavor spawns around level 70. Make sure to bring plenty of Poke Balls because his catch rate is exceptionally low, and he does not like to stay in a ball.

How to Evolve Kleavor in Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the player character standing in front of Black Augurite
Screenshot by Gamepur

Scyther will evolve into Kleavor as one of its final evolutions when it is exposed to Black Augurite. There are plenty of Scythers walking around in both the Craggy Canyon Biome and Subtropical Savanna Biome, but not so much Black Augurite. As an obtainable evolution item, Black Augurite seems to be missing from The Indigo Disk. It’s not available purchase at the school store like other evolution items, nor have we been able to locate it as an item you can pick up off the ground.

Considering there are large formations of Black Augurite around Kleavor’s spawn point, we tried letting a Scyther out of its Pokeball and exposing it to the environmental Back Augurite, but this didn’t force an evolution into Kleavor in our experience.

If you really want to start from the ground-up with a Scyther or are trying to Shiny hunt for a Kleavor, then you may want to try using Pokemon Legends Arceus, provided you have access to the game. You can use Black Augurite on Scyther in Pokemon Legends Arceus, then transfer him over to Indigo Disk through the Pokemon HOME app.

Perhaps Black Augurite will be added into Indigo Disk at a later point, like in the upcoming surprise epilogue update, but for now, Legends Arceus remains the only way to evolve Scyther.