How to get Leif and what they sell in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Colorful plants and shrubs.

A brand new merchant is available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to help celebrate Nature Day, the in-game’s event for Earth Day. His name is Leif, and he’s a sloth who is more than willing to help you out with planting some of the tougher to find plants you may have had difficulty locating while playing the game. Leif also has access to different shrubs, which you can purchase and place on your island.

Leif first arrives to your game on Apr. 23, with the 1.2.0 update for New Horizons. When the update hits and Leif comes, you can find him at the front of the Residents Service hall. He should be right next to a stand full of new plants you can purchase. Following your introductions with him, you can buy a variety of new shrubs to add to your island. These shrubs work similarly to trees where you do not need to water them, but they have colorful flowers, similar to flowers.

These are the shrubs Leif can potentially have for sale at his stall. These items rotate every time he visits:

  • Azaleas (Pink and White)
  • Camellias (Pink and Red)
  • Hibiscuses (Red and Yellow)
  • Holly (always Red)
  • Hydrangeas (Blue and Pink)
  • Tea Olives (Orange and Yellow)

Leif will have these rotating in and out of his stall during his visits. If you look further in his inventory, you will find several other flowers he has for sale, which usually are harder to find than flowers you might discover native to your island or available in Nook’s Cranny. Make sure to take the opportunity to grab these while they’re available.

Additionally, for those who have piled up the amount of weeds from picking them up all over your island, Leif takes them for 20 Bells. This price is twice than the one offered by Timmy and Tommy. It’s an excellent opportunity to sell whatever weeds you don’t want to him to receive a much more significant sum than you traditional would.

Make sure to take advantage of Leif while he’s around on your island. He doesn’t show up every day, and he’s more than happy to provide you with plenty of new flowers and shrubs to brighten your island.