How To Get The Line In The Sand In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The Line in the Sand is a new Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2. It fires a long-range, precision shot, with a predictable vertical recoil pattern.

The weapon drops with random rolls, so you can’t loot them from Collections. To get the Line in the Sand, you will need to unlock the Mars Obelisk. The Line in the Sand is from the Timelost Weapon Bounty. The particular bounty you need to complete to get this weapon is Rank 5, meaning it will only become available when you upgrade the Obelisk to Resonance Rank 5. You can do this using Polarized Fractaline you get by completing Obelisk Bounties, quests, and runs in the Sundial.

When you have the Obelisk at Resonance Rank 5, you can select the bounty, then complete the random task it will give you to get the weapon.

The weapon has the following stats:

  • Impact – 41
  • Range – 36
  • Stability – 32
  • Handling – 33
  • Reload Speed – 31
  • Aim Assistance – 60
  • Inventory Size – 28
  • Zoom – 25
  • Recoil – 63
  • Charge Time – 533

The Line in the Sand can drop with the following perks.

Perk 1

Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Corkscrew Rifling, Extended Barrel, Fluted Barrel, Full Bore, Hammer-Forged Rifling, Polygonal Rifling, Smallbore.

Perk 2

Accelerated Coils, Enhanced Battery, Ionized Battery, Liquid Coils, Particle Repeater, Projection Fuse.

Perk 3

Rangefinder, Genesis, Moving Target, Threat Detector, Rapid Hit, Under Pressure.

Perk 4

Rampage, Firing Line, Clown Cartridge, Backup Plan, Auto-Loading Holster, Dragonfly.