How to get Little Mermaid through Main Story Mode in SINoALICE

A new challenger approaching!


The nightmares and fairy tales keep coming on in SINoALICE as Little Mermaid joins the roster of playable characters alongside the other story book heroes. While a specific Little Mermaid/Breaker class was already available through the Hammer of Justice Grimoire, there was previously no way to guarantee unlocking Little Mermaid. She is now a fully fleshed out character with her own complete story that you can get outside of the gacha system.

How to unlock Little Mermaid

In order to unlock Little Mermaid as a playable character in all facets of SINoALICE, you will have to have made your way through a good chunk of the main story mode. Unlike the other characters—such as Alice or Snow White—Little Mermaid doesn’t have any story missions in the first act, the Act of Impulse. You will only be able to unlock her during the second act, the Act of Hatred.

In order to unlock the Act of Hatred, you must complete the Act of Impulse for any given character. This means advancing their story up through and beyond Chapter 5: Verse 10 of their story path. Once you have done this, you can change the act in the story tab by tapping “Main Story” and then “Select an Act.” If you have unlocked the Act of Hatred, it will be the second out of three acts in the library you can choose from. From here, you will see Little Mermaid’s story path.

In addition, the Act of Hatred will now include new chapters for Snow White and Sleeping Beauty that you can play. In order to advance story lines and unlock this new content, you must do it in your own play-through and not through cooperative play in another player’s world.

Once you have unlocked Little Mermaid by starting her story line, you can begin building her up with the new Grimoire that is available: Droplet of Misery. This Grimoire will feature a Little Mermaid/Minstrel class as well as a guaranteed drop for one SR ranked summon in the fifth step.

If you’re into SINoALICE for the uniquely dark brand of storytelling, you’re definitely going to want to check out Little Mermaid’s narrative. You can dip in now!