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How to get Love Tokens in World of Warcraft – Love is in the Air event

World of... Lovecraft?

Love is in the Air in World of Warcraft and players have eyes only for the lovely rewards available during this beloved in-game event. This celebration of romance lasts from February 6 to 20, 2023 during which players can take part in festivities such as gifting candy to their fellow players, crafting love bracelets for their favorite faction leaders, and killing rogue apothecaries in a haunted fortress with a chilling past. You know, the usual stuff.

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While the event remains largely unchanged after all these years, there have been notable additions in the recent expansions that make it worthwhile for players both new and old to show some love, including heirloom weapon upgrade items, the Swift Lovebird mount, and a new hearthstone. Thankfully, they’re all much easier to get than the coveted X-45 Heartbreaker mount

In addition to seasonal drops available by defeating Apothecary Hummel and his buddies in Shadowfang Keep, including epic necklaces and some fun cosmetics, there are an assortment of holiday items that can be purchased using an in-game currency exclusive to the event: Love Tokens.

How to obtain Love Tokens in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Love Tokens are the primary currency used to obtain rewards during the Love is in the Air event in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Players can spend these tokens by speaking with Lovely Merchant NPCs located in all Azerothian Warcraft capital cities, including Orgrimmar, the Undercity, Silvermoon City, and Thunder Bluff for Horde players, and the Exodar, Stormwind, Ironforge, and Teldrassil for the Alliance. It’s important to note that in order to visit Teldrassil, you will first have to speak with Zidormi in Darkshore as there was a bit of an incident back in Shadowlands.

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Love Tokens are rewarded from completing seasonal quests during Love is in the Air. In addition to a main questline offering one-time rewards of Love Tokens, there are a handful of quests which can be completed each day to earn more tokens. There are a total of five daily quests that unlock for all players upon completion of the main Love is in the Air questline. All of these quests can be picked up in the aforementioned capital cities.

One of these three quests will be available at random on each day:

  • A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne – Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • A Perfect Puff of Perfume – Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • Bonbon Blitz – Awards 5 Love Tokens.

There are two additional quests which unlock that can be completed each day:

  • Crushing the Crown – Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • Follow the Recipe – Awards 3 Love Tokens.

Additionally, there are faction-specific daily quests available that reward Love Tokens for gifting Lovely Charm Bracelets to your respective faction’s leaders:

Alliance-only quests:

  • A Gift for the Emissary of Stormwind –  Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • A Gift for a Lord of Ironforge – Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • A Gift for the High Priestess of Elune –  Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • A Gift for the Prophet –  Awards 5 Love Tokens.

Horde-only quests:

  • A Gift for the Warchief’s Advisor – Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • A Gift for the Banshee Queen – Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • A Gift for the High Chieftain – Awards 5 Love Tokens.
  • A Gift for the Regent Lord of Quel’Thalas – Awards 5 Love Tokens.

Lovely Charm Bracelets can be assembled by collecting Lovely Charms that have a chance to drop from any enemies which would normally reward experience. It takes 10 Lovely Charms to create a single Lovely Charm Bracelet. You must have a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit in your bags in order for them to drop, which you can receive for free by speaking with Kwee Q. Peddlefeet near the Lovely Merchants.

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Once you’ve completed your faction-specific quests for the day, extra bracelets can be exchanged at a Lovely Merchant for one Love Token each. This makes it possible to farm unlimited Love Tokens during the event, ensuring you’ll be able to get all of the rewards you want in a single year. We’ll be thinking of you and sending our love, and luck your way, and hope you’ll get what your heart desires in this year’s event.

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