How to get Lovely Charm Bracelets in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Show your favorite faction leader, or Sylvanas, your love.

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World of Warcraft’s Love is in the Air event returned with Dragonflight, and it’s time to share the love with your favorite faction leaders and earn some sweet rewards in the process. The Lovely Charm Bracelet is a cosmetic item that can be used to add a new wrist appearance to your transmogrification collection. They are also required for the completion of daily quests which award the event’s primary currency, Love Tokens, which are used for purchasing a wide variety of holiday-themed items. Here’s how you can get your hands on Lovely Charms and get to crafting Lovely Charm Bracelets for your Warcraft bae.

How to create a Lovely Charm Bracelet

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Lovely Charm Bracelets are crafted using Lovely Charms, common-quality items that have a chance to drop when killing enemies that would award your character experience. Combine 10 Lovely Charms into a Lovely Charm Bracelet by right-clicking the stack in your bag. At max level, currently 70, this will include any mobs that are your current level or higher. In order to receive Lovely Charms, you must first pick up a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit by speaking with Kwee Q. Peddlefeet in any Azerothian faction city. He is located nearby the rest of the Crown Chemical Co. goblins celebrating this holiday and will hand over the required kit at no cost to you.

Once you have the Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit in your inventory, you can go about your business as usual, with a newly unlocked chance to receive Lovely Charms. There are no specific enemies you’ll have to fight to receive Lovely Charms as long as they are high enough level.

Where to farm Lovely Charms

To optimize your Lovely Charm earning potential, you’ll likely want to head out to areas with large concentrations of mobs that you can kill quickly and easily. Here are our three top recommended places to farm Lovely Charms in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight:

Pyrewood Village, Silverpine Forest

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You’ll already want to head over here to complete the Love is in the Air daily quest Crushing the Crown, so this is a perfect place to farm Lovely Charms to your heart’s content. There’s usually a large group of players in the area doing the quest and killing the required mobs, resulting in fast respawn timers. You’ll still have a chance to get a Lovely Charm even if you don’t have the primary tap on the mob (its health bar shows as gray), so don’t be afraid to help other players out. Be sure to grab the additional daily quest, “Follow the Recipe,” obtained by interacting with the Love Potion Recipe found on the ground nearby.

The Deaths of Chromie scenario

If you played Warcraft during the Legion expansion, you’ll likely remember the Death of Chromie scenario. In this solo scenario, you accompany the gnomish member of the Bronze Dragonflight through a variety of timeways to thwart various assassination attempts in her past. This scenario can be unlocked by speaking with Chromie in the Violet Citadel located in Dalaran. The dragonshrines can be rather time-consuming to unlock if you haven’t previously completed her quests, so you may wish to farm in Silverpine instead.

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If you have unlocked the dragonshrines, once you’re in Chromie’s past, you’ll want to head into the Emerald Dragonshrine scenario as it has the best, large groups of enemies to farm for Lovely Charms. It’s easiest to defeat mobs in this scenario if you have maximum reputation with Chromie, as she offers more substantial buffs to increase your damage. It’s worth noting that, unfortunately, players of the Evoker class will not be able to take advantage of this method.

Brackenhide Hollow, Azure Span

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This Dragonflight zone features a dungeon called Brackenhide Hollow. The area surrounding the instance portal is packed with large groups of angry gnolls that are great to farm for Lovely Charms. This is just one example of a good farming location due to high mob density and relatively quick respawn. You can find similarly large groups at various murloc and gnoll camps in the Dragonflight zones.