How To Get The Martyr’s Retribution in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The Martyr’s Retribution is an exciting new Grenade Launcher that comes to Destiny 2 in the Season of Dawn. A Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, it will fire one shot, then need to be reloaded. Projectiles will release a wave of energy when they impact with the ground. This energy gives off a colossal wave clear in tight spaces, and the weapon does untold damage in the right circumstances.

The weapon drops with random rolls, so you can’t pull it from Collections. To get the Martyr’s Retribution, you will need to link the Mars Obelisk to the Sundial, and then complete a run of the new wave-based event. To connect the Mars Obelisk to the Sundial, you will need to run through the Keeping Time Quest. When the event ends, you will get to pick between two weapons, one of which will be the Martyr’s Retribution.

The weapon has the following stats:

  • Stability – 32
  • Handling – 69
  • Reload Speed – 67
  • Velocity – 76
  • Blast Radius – 55
  • Aim Assistance – 72
  • Inventory Size – 57
  • Zoom – 13
  • Recoil – 75
  • Rounds Per Minute – 90

The Martyr’s Retribution can drop with the following perks.

Perk 1

Two of the following: Volatile Launch, Confined Launch, Countermass, Hard Launch, Linear Compensator, Quick Launch, Smart Drift Control.

Perk 2

Two of the following: High-Velocity Rounds, Implosion Rounds.

Perk 3

One of the following: Auto-Loading Holster, Field Prep, Threat Detector, Genesis, Underdog.

Perk 4

One of the following: Elemental Capacitor, Moving Target, Rangefinder, Demolitionist, Lead From Gold.