How to get Masked Lovebirds in Dwarf Fortress

A bit more than a buff, get inspired by the Masked Lovebirds.

Image via Bay12 Games

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The Masked Lovebirds in Dwarf Fortress are a pet that can cheer up specific dwarves, if you can capture them, of course. Pets in Dwarf Fortress can have a variety of benefits for the settlement as a whole, but the Masked Lovebirds actually are a bit more than a buff — there’s an entire love story behind this bird specie in the game. Here’s how to find these Masked Lovebirds in Dwarf Fortress.

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Where do Masked Lovebirds spawn?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Masked Lovebirds spawn within tropical forests, a high-temperature, dense vegetation area typically around the center horizon of spawned maps. This area can give a bit of a headache to the more inexperienced fortress crafters, as the heat and natural predators can run amok before players are ready to handle them.

How to capture Masked Lovebirds

Masked Lovebirds are considered vermin that spawn above ground within tropical forests. They can be captured using animal traps, and then turned into pets by getting adopted by a dwarf. Pets then provide a companionship happiness bonus as they follow their pet owner, and can be a general nuisance in combat if the owner is attacked.

The story behind Masked Lovebirds in Dwarf Fortress

In 2010, Bay 12 Games (the developer behind Dwarf Fortress) had a funding drive where any plant or animal could be included in the game for a $10 donation. The Dwarf Fortress text for the creature, when examined in a notepad, shows a specific message:

‘From Jake, for my lovebird Heather.’

According to a Reddit thread by the alleged Jake, this donation was made for a then-fiancé by the name of Heather. The patch including the animals was dropped for Valentine’s Day in 2012, which earned Jake ‘major brownie points.’ The then-engaged couple is now happily married — any time you see a Masked Lovebird in Dwarf Fortress, spare a thought for the lucky Jake and Heather, and beloved dwarves around the world.