How to get Mirage’s Heirloom Item in Apex Legends

It’s time for Mirage to shine.

The Mirage Heirloom Item is now available in Apex Legends during the Lost Treasures Collection event happening in the game. The Heirloom item is a golden statue of Mirage himself, leaving no question about how much the cocky legend loves himself. There are two ways to receive the item, the first being a more direct path that you will likely be spending quite a bit of real-world money to unlock it, whereas the other is far more time-consuming.

The first method requires you to unlock all 24 available cosmetic items from the Lost Treasures Collection event. Click on the Season 5: Fortune’s Favor tab on the main screen, and then go to the Lost Treasures page where you can purchase a Lost Treasures apex pack. Each pack is worth 700 Apex Coins, which is roughly a dollar for every 100, but the cheapest you can buy is 1,000 coins for $9.99 in the Apex Legends store. You will need to unlock all 24 Epic and Legendary items to receive the Heirloom item for free.

You can purchase a Lost Collection apex pack to have a chance for any of the available items, or you can click on them to directly unlock them. The Rare skins require 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 crafting metals. The Legendary skins require 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 crafting metals.

Your second option is to wait for the Lost Treasures event to end after its two-week run and obtain it by having enough Heirloom Shards. Every apex pack has a chance to contain Heirloom Shards, and once you have enough, you can choose what Heirloom item you want to unlock.