How To Get Mods on Gorilla Tag

Do the monkey.

Gorilla Tag Mod Installation

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Gorilla Tag may be monkey business, but that doesn’t mean the game can’t be improved. Unfortunately, not all copies are created equal. Circumstances are simply different, depending on whether you’re running the game on a Meta Quest or a PC VR Headset. If you want to mod this chaotic experience for yourself, we have a simple guide to tell you how. Because while this is a fun game, it can always get better with mods. Below, we’ll let you know step-by-step how to upgrade your experience in Gorilla Tag with some mods.

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What Devices Can Be Modded With Gorilla Tag?

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You may be wondering which devices play well with mods, at least for Gorilla Tag, and which don’t. Unfortunately, not all works well, and some versions of Gorilla Tag are not created equal. While you may have once been able to play Gorilla Tag on the Meta Quest 2, that offer is there no longer. Unless you already have the software downloaded onto your system already, there is currently no way to get the software for the base game on a Meta Quest 2, let alone any mods. If you want to mod Gorilla Tag, you’ll need a PCVR.

How To Mod Gorilla Tag

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To get started on getting some mods for your monkeying adventures, follow these steps:

Install Monke Mod Manager

This mod manager works well for PC and can help you get Gorilla Tag mods quickly and easily. You can find the mod manager on GitHub or the software’s official site.

Download the installer

You can find the installer within the Assets files on GitHub. If you get an error prompt after installation with a complaint that the program couldn’t find your Gorilla Tag installation, don’t worry; you can find it in the SteamApps section of your Program Files.

Start up the mod manager

When you first start it up, you may not have any mods installed yet, which is fine. There are checkboxes you can click that allow you to pick and choose which mods you want. Once you select everything you need, click Install/Update and let the mod software do its thing.