How to get Monsters Within Event Packs in Apex Legends

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Monsters Within Event Pack

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Apex Legends does a Halloween-themed event every year, and 2021 is no exception, but this year’s event, Monsters Within, looks slightly different. The Halloween event has never been a collection event, and that is still the case; however, there are Event Packs for this event. We generally don’t see Event Packs for thematic events, but considering that all of the event items will be permanently craftable as well, Monsters Within is shaking things up. So, how does one get a Monsters Within Event Pack? Let’s take a look.

Buying a Monsters Within Event Pack

Monsters Within is a 3-week event. During the event (between October 12 and November 2), players can view a slew of Special Offers in the store. Some of them rotate, but one offer is there the whole time, buy a Monsters Within Pack. Unlike for collection events, the Monsters Within Pack only costs 400 Apex Coins rather than 700. That said, each Monsters Within Pack only contains one Monsters Within item and two normal loot pool items. A reminder that there are Rare-tier items in this event, unlike in the collection events.

To get every item in the event just via packs, you would have to get 40. However, if you want to clear out the event, the best strategy is craft everything Rare-tier to get it out of the loot pool and then begin buying packs.

Note: These items are also available in Apex Packs, and are not confined to this event.

Earning a Monsters Within Event Pack

There is also a way to earn a free Monsters Within Pack, and you can only do it during week 2 of the Monster Within event. To earn one without paying any currency, you will have to complete the week 2 Prize Tracker. A single Monster Within Pack is the prize for getting all 3,000 event points for the second week, and you can only do this once.