How to get more backspin in PGA Tour 2K23

Make that ball move.

Image via 2K

If you’re struggling to land greens in PGA Tour 2K23, perhaps you might need to add a bit more backspin to a shot. Adding backspin on a shot has its perks, as it allows for the golf ball to get more air and distance in some cases, but it can also give the ball just a bit less distance and help with stopping right where it needs to be when it lands on the grass. So, how can you add backspin to a shot in PGA Tour 2K23? Let’s go over the controls that you should know.

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How to do a backspin shot in PGA Tour 2K23

To get more backspin on a shot in PGA Tour 2K23, make sure to break out the shape tool. To do that, press either LB (for Xbox) or L1 (for PlayStation) to retrieve the shape shot tool in 2K23.

Now, there are two components to the shot shaping mechanism. One controls the loft, while the other controls a shot’s back and topspin. Loft is controlled by the left analog stick, but we’re not concerned with that at the moment. Instead, we’re more focused on the Attack Angle (Spin) portion. That is controlled with the right analog stick.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While holding down LB/L1, press the right analog stick down to add more backspin to a shot. Should you press up by mistake, this will increase a shot’s topspin movement. If you want a shot with more backspin, make sure to mentally block out moving up the right stick up.