How to get more Beavers in Timberborn

More beavers means less timber.

Image via Mechanistry

In most colony-building games, you will want to increase efficiency and develop your settlement from its meager beginnings. Most often, you will be doing that by increasing your settlement’s population. Your beavers in Timberborn are no different in that regard. More beavers mean more workers and a larger, more efficient settlement. What complicates the situation is whether you’re playing as Folktails or Iron Teeth, one of the two beaver factions in the game. The approach they take to expanding their population is different, but we will explain them both in this guide. Here’s how to get more beavers in Timberborn.

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Where to find more beavers in Timberborn

A good thing about being a beaver is that you don’t really care if you sleep inside or out. However, that changes if you plan on having more beavers, and each of the two beaver factions approaches reproduction differently. 

Playing as Folktails

Folktail beavers are communal and value their happiness. If you want to expand your Folktail population, you have to play to those sensibilities. To do that, build a Lodging of your choice from the Housing menu. Basic houses can accommodate up to three beavers, which is perfect for breeding. Move in a pair of beavers, and if their Happiness is high enough, they will soon produce a baby beaver to take up that third space. The best way to make Folktail beavers happy is to install fireplaces inside their houses. With this method, you’ll have great control over your beaver population because once you don’t need any more beavers, you can just stop building houses for them.

Playing as Iron Teeth

Iron Teeth beavers are much more utilitarian of the two groups. To expand your Iron Teeth population, you will have to build Breeding Pods found in the Housing menu. Then, you have to supply your new Breeding Pods with berries and water, which will then get to work churning out baby beavers every five days. If you want to stop producing baby Iron Teeth beavers, then all you have to do is stop supplying the Breeding Pods with berries and water.