How to get more Crowns currency in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Crowns make the shop go round.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image via Devolver Digital

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has many rewards that can be obtained from merely playing through shows. Most of these will come in the form of unlocks through the season pass style progression system, unlocking lots of different color swaps, patterns, and outfits to deck out your fall guy. You can also obtain gestures so that you can taunt your friends as they desperately jump for the finish line.

The in-game shop allows players to purchase the more premium style vanity items not found in the season pass. It uses a couple of different currencies for items, some of which can be topped up using real money. None of them provide any in-game benefits, so spending money would be purely to allow you to look fabulous as you run the gauntlet. 

One of the currencies is Kudos, a standard coin-style currency earned by getting through rounds of a show. This is the currency that you can purchase more of on PSN or via Steam. Another one though that can’t be bought is the crown currency. Most of the items that require these in the shop are much higher quality or rarer to obtain.

The only consistent way you can get more crowns to use in the store is to win shows and earn crowns. By playing shows and winning a crown, this will be added to your inventory, and you can take them into the store. With them, you can then use crowns as currency. You simply need to keep winning full Fall Guys battle royale shows to receive crowns. The season rewards do include crowns, but once these have been unlocked, you’re on your own.