How to get more fish bait in Genshin Impact

Taking the bait.

Fish bait is going to become an important resource for Genshin Impact players. The 2.1 update introduced the new fishing mechanic, and fish can now be caught all over the map. To do it, you will need all sorts of bait.

While you do start off with some bait, you will need to get more by buying the recipes from Nantuk who can be found just outside the walls of Mondstadt, down by the water. Once you have the recipes, you can then make the bait at the Alchemy table anywhere in the game.

You can buy three different types of bait from Nantuck, Redrot, False Worm, and Fake Fly. Each one will cost three Medaka fish.

Where to find Medaka fish

Medaka can be caught in the following areas of Mondstadt. The south of Cider Lake, the Stormbearer Mountains, at the north and south of Stormterror’s Lair, and at Windrise. While other breeds of Medaka can be caught at other lakes, they will not count toward the fee for the bait.

Each bait type requires certain ingredients to make it, so you make need to farm up those ingredients. Just check the ingredients at the crafting table. Remember, if you hit the Filter button while you are at the crafting table, you can select the Bait category and only see the relevant bait recipes, making it much easier to navigate all the items.

What each bait will catch

  • Fruit Paste Bait – Crystalfish,Dawncatchers, Medakas
  • Redrot Bait – Akai Maou, Bettas, Snowstriders, Sticklebacks, Venomspine
  • False Worm Bait – Angelfish, Shirakodai
  • Fake Fly Bait – Koi and Pufferfish