How to get more Reprise in Deathloop

Keep your lives up.

Image via Arkane Studios

The Reprise ability is one of the first Slabs you receive in Deathloop. It allows you to return to life after death without starting the entire loop over again. However, you can only do this after two deaths. On the third one, your loop resets, forcing you to start over again, but you won’t have any gear you collected during that run. You do have a chance to refresh your Reprise ability, though.

There is only two ways to refresh your Reprise ability, and that’s to travel between districts on the island. Each time you travel from one district to another, your Reprise ability resets. During a Julianna invasion, that can be a problem because she shuts down all of the passageways to the tunnels, locking you in the area and preventing you from moving anywhere.

The second way is to take on Julianna, the assassin hunting you. She’s only going to show up when you’re in the same district as a Visionary, so if you’re in an area where another Visionary is not, you won’t find her. But if she invades you, the two of you can duke it out. Just make sure you’re the winner, or you’re going to find yourself restarting the loop all over again.

Keep an eye on your Reprise charges. If you don’t watch them too closely, you’re going to find yourself backed into a corner with no way out, and Julianna is always waiting for you.