How to get more weapons in Saints Row

Prepare to lock and load for the next adventure.

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Having a wide variety of weapons is your key to survival in Saints Row. You want to make sure you have a chosen gun or melee weapon for nearly every situation, preparing you for any amount of trouble, even if you’re out walking around the street. Several weapons are waiting for you to purchase as you progress through the game. Here’s what you need to know about how to get more weapons in Saints Row.

Where to find and unlock weapons in Saints Row

By visiting gun shops, you can find and unlock more weapons to add to your arsenal. These shops will have vendors you can interact with and purchase weapons from. Each of the weapons they have on sale will cost money, and this is your primary currency throughout Saints Row. Don’t expect to sell the place out when you’re first starting. You’ll only be able to buy a handful of guns to add to your arsenal before you need to complete another main story quest or side hustle you can find in town.

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Each weapon has a price tag. You will need to meet this amount by speaking with the vendor. Upon purchasing the weapon, your character will automatically access it in your weapon wheel, allowing you to use it at any time against enemies. We recommend having a wide variety of guns on your character to prepare them for any situation. You can only have one type of weapon in each slot, so don’t expect to carry two pistols or two assault rifles simultaneously.

You can visit local gun vendors if you ever run out of ammunition. They will refill you on any ammunition, but it will cost you. However, the ammunition does not cost you as much as buying a full weapon.