Can you get Neutral Element in Destiny 2?

Neutral Element has changed in Destiny 2.

Image via Bungie

In Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunt, multiple crafting components were removed and replaced with an easier system. The many components were taken out of the game, freeing up inventory space and providing a limit on what resources Guardians need to find to craft their weapons. Neutral Element was one of the components to remain in the game, but it has a new name. We can confirm you cannot receive Neutral Element anymore, at least not what it used to be in Destiny 2.

Can you get Neutral Element?

The neutral Element has changed. Now, it is called Resonant Elements. You’ll receive this resource whenever you attempt to extract a Deepsight Resonant weapon. It takes the place of all element resources you previously used in Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. These will likely be the first steps Bungie takes to make the crafting process much easier for Destiny 2 players, and we can expect further changes in more seasonal updates.

The newly named resource, Resonant Element, is a resource you want to make sure you have plenty of because you use it in every part of the crafting process at the Relic. You need to create new weapons, and you need to modify the ones you’ve already crafted. You’ll acquire it every time you attune with a Deepsight Resonant or level up one as you play the game. Hopefully, limiting the number of resources used in this process makes it easier for Destiny 2 players to keep track of their crafting process and frees up their inventory.