How to get Nickel ore in Marauders

Into the mines we go.

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The multiplayer looter shooter Marauders from Team 17 features a large number of items that you can get. From crafting materials, weapons, containers, and more, there are also items known as valuables. These are special resources that you need for several things, including missions and crafting. Nickel Ore is just such an item. It’s pretty rare and has a high value apiece when sold. You need it to complete the Mineral Mania Market trade deal but only spawns in one location in the game. Here’s how to find Nickel Ore in Marauders.

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Where to find Nickel Ore in Marauders

Nickel Ore is a valuable item that only spawns in one location in Marauders. That makes runs to find it pretty important because even that location does not guarantee that it will spawn each time you visit. To find Nickel Ore, you will have to visit the Iridium Asteroid Mine (aka Asteroid Mine Delta-X9). 

The mine made up of three docking stations is most often found during raids. It’s made up of several levels featuring Foreman’s Office, the Vault, and the mine shafts themselves. You can encounter former miners, as well as raiders when you venture into the mine.

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To find Nickel Ore, you should head into the mine shaft, and make your way down to the bottom level, called the Drill Pit. This is the part of the mine found beneath the catwalk at the very bottom level.

The Nickel Ore has a chance to spawn in a small room near the mining pit. You will recognize it by the place where you find the dead security team’s remains. If you don’t find the Nickel Ore there, that means that it didn’t spawn in that particular raid, and you will have to try again another time.