How to get Obsidian Hilt in Roblox Islands

A key component for an Obsidian Sword.


Image via EasyGG

The Pirate update to Roblox came with several new pieces of content to explore. Along with an entirely new island filled with NPCs and quests to complete, there are dozens of new items to craft and explore with. One of the best among these new items is the Obsidian Sword. Here, we’ll explain how to get a vital component of the Obsidian Sword: the Obsidian Hilt.

How to get Obsidian Hilt

The Obsidian Sword is one of the most complex swords to create in Roblox Islands. However, the Obsidian Hilt that you’ll need to make is fairly simple to find. All you need to do is travel to Pirate Island and purchase the Obsidian Hilt from Pirate Evans. He’s one of the new quest giver and vendor NPCs on the island.

All you need to do is talk to Pirate Evans and view his shop. Obsidian Hilt will cost you 250 Dubloons. Unfortunately, you can’t earn all of these in a day, so you’ll have to come back to Pirate Island a few days in a row and complete every available quest to build up your savings. Once you’ve got enough, you can purchase the item directly from this shop.

An Obsidian Sword is much better than some of the other new items in the Pirate update for Roblox Islands, like the crab pet, because it has a practical use. Compared to many of the items in the game, it’s also relatively easy to acquire. Just follow the above, and you’ll have half of all the components needed to make one.