How to get ostriches in Stardew Valley

A new animal has arrived to join your livestock.

A new animal you can add to your farm in Stardew Valley is the Ostrich. It’s a large, flightless bird that can produce massive eggs that quite delicious. These large creatures were added to the game in the 1.5 update, and are a welcome addition for any farmer looking to add new livestock to their land.

To acquire an Ostrich, you’ll need to make sure you’ve reached the end of the game of the acquire them. You can only reach this part of the game by completing all of the community board bundles in the community center. Once those are completed, you’ll be able to gain access to the ostriches, but you still have a ways to go because you need to gain access to the Ginger Islands. You can do this by going to the back of Willy’s shop and repairing the boat.

Once you reach the Ginger Islands, you’ll need to set Professor Snail free. You can find him by progressing through the island and then repairing the bridge to the left of his tent. You’ll find his tent close to the base of the volcano, and to make that parrot appear, you need to give the parrot next to the turtle leading to the west side of the island. When you arrive at the rock, he’s stuck behind, you have to use a bomb, or a mega bomb, to set him free. You’ll then need to complete his entire museum, which consists of several fossils and artifacts you can find by exploring Ginger Island.

After you have all of those, Professor Snail rewards you with the Ostrich incubator. You can use that to hatch ostrich eggs into baby ostriches and then have them on your farm. They’ll produce additional eggs for you, which you can turn into mayonnaise, sell, or create even more ostriches.

If you’re having trouble finding ostrich eggs, you can find them on the ninth level of the volcano, by completing the small puzzle to unlock the chest in that maze.