How to get Outdoorsy Tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Some new tools have arrived.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Tools are your essential bread and butter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you don’t have any tools on you, you won’t be able to harvest and craft some of the best resources in the game. You can expect your tools to break often, and eventually, you gain access to a new array of tools that are higher quality and more durable than your first set. A notable series of tools players are on the hunt for are the Outdoorsy Tools.

This specific toolset is available for Animal Crossing players in a variety of colors. You can have an Outdoorsy shovel, net, watering can, slingshot, and fishing rod. There are eight different colors for each one. The color breakdown for the tools consists of a choice of Pink, Red, Beige, Light Blue, Avocado or Green, Orange, Blue, White or Black.

To receive these items for your villager you need to have access to the first upgrade of Nook’s Cranny. It becomes available after you spend more than 70,000 Bells at the store, and 30 days have passed. After this point, Nook’s Cranny will go under construction and you need to wait a full day for it becomes available again. When it does, check out the new building and you will see that the Outdoorsy tools are now available.

These tools are only available from Nook’s Cranny after this upgrade. You won’t be able to craft them through a DIY project. Each of them costs 2,500 Bells to buy from Timmy and Tommy.