How to get Rawhide in Stranded Deep

They don’t want to be your friend anyway.

Image by Beam Team Games

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There are many various resources for you to find in Stranded Deep to help you create items, but some are a little more niche than others. For example, Fibrous Leaves are everywhere and constantly used to create Lashings. On the other side, Rawhide is less popular but still a very important item for creating Leather and upgrading your Toolbelt. Here is how to get your hands on some Rawhide in Stranded Deep.

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Where to find Rawhide in Stranded Deep

Getting Rawhide in Stranded Deep will require you to do some hunting. You need to kill and skin Boars or Sharks to get it. Baby Boars and full-grown Hogs will randomly appear on islands and can be tough to chase down because they constantly move, but if you have a Spear, you should eventually get them. As for Sharks, you will need to venture into the water and be ready for a fight. If you finish the Shark off before they can take you down, you will need to drag the corpse to shore, where you can skin it for the Meat and Rawhide.

While every single Boar and Shark will give you Meat and Rawhide, the most you will get is from the adult Hogs and Great White Shark. We definitely recommend going after the Hogs whenever you see them because they are a larger target than the baby Boars, give more rewards, and they don’t fight back like the Sharks do.

When you have Rawhide, you can use it to get the second pouch on your Toolbelt upgrade, but otherwise, it is mostly used for making Leather at a Tanning Rack. Stand near the Tanning Rack with the Rawhide in your inventory and pull up the crafting menu. Find Leather and craft it so you can then use it on other items like a Sleeping Bag or a useful upgraded tool.