How to get party hat Gengar and Nidorino in Pokémon Go

Party hat Pokémon are all the rage in Pokémon Go

Image via Niantic

The Armored Mewtwo event has begun in Pokémon Go, and it’s going to occur from Feb. 25 to March 2.

For a limited time, you can fight Armored Mewtwo in a five-star raid, and there are other raids available in Pokémon Go featuring Gengar and Nidorino wearing party hats. The versions of party hat Gengar and Nidorino are going to be available in four-star and two-star raids, respectively. They’re only going to be available on raid day, March 1, from 2pm to 5pm in your local area.

It’s the same time frame Armored Mewtwo will be available for you to capture. All trainers will receive five free raid passes to use during the event, giving you the option to use them on Armored Mewtwo or party hat Gengar and Nidorino. Potentially, you can encounter the shiny versions of these party hat Gengar and Nidorino, increasing their overall quality for every trainer. The party hat Gengar will have the lick and psychic moveset when you catch them.

During the event, you can also encounter clone Pokémon, which are alternative appearances of Charizard, Blastoise, Venasaur, and Pikachu. Additionally, you have a chance to capture party hat versions of Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, and potentially they can be the shiny version. You can find them at all times during the event.

Unfortunately, the raids for these two Pokémon have been canceled for those in Japan, Italy, and South Korea, for the time being.

You have an even more limited time to capture party hat Gengar and Nidorino on March 1 from 2pm to 5pm in your local area. If you capture Armored Mewtwo first, you may want to consider going after them, especially with the chance to obtain a shiny version.