How to get Petri and Cephalobot in Animal Crossing New Horizons’ 2.0.0 Update

New friends to make.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Image via Nintendo

The Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0.0 update brought in all manner of new content for players to experience. Part of this was 16 new villagers for players to try and attract to their island.

Two of the standout characters from the new group are Petri, the mouse, and Cephalobot, a robotic octopus. Petri the mouse is snooty, which is perhaps fitting for the scientifically minded mouse who is named after the humble petri dish. Despite her intellect, she likes to unwind by gossiping and talking about fashion, so she is not always obsessed with science.

Cephalobot is a smug villager, which means that he will get along with almost everyone except cranky villagers, and will occasionally stroke their own ego a bit.

When it comes to actually getting the villagers to set up home on your island, you can do it a number of ways. There is so guaranteed way to get any of the villagers, unfortunately.

  • The campsite – pretty early in you time with the game you build a campsite, and potential villagers can visit your island and fall in love with it. It’s hard to get the exact characters you want this way, so may take some time. You will be looking for the Series 5 packs to have a chance of getting the cards for Sasha and Shino.
  • Visit mystery islands – going on mystery island tours by using Nook Miles allows you to potentially run into other villagers and invite them to your island. The odds of this are quite low, however.
  • From other players – if another player has a villager they don’t like, and the villager is leaving their island, you can visit on their last day and invite them to yours.
  • Amiibo cards – if you purhcase a pack of Amiibo cards, you might just get lucky and get the villager that you want.