How to Get Pine Tar in Stardew Valley

If you’re playing Stardew Valley and need to get ahold of some pine tar for crafting, these are the steps to harvest it

Pine Tar Hooray

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In Stardew Valley, each craftable item requires specific ingredients that players must find or harvest. One that may not be easy to find is pine tar, which requires a special tool to harvest from trees.

If you’re trying to build the best farm, you’ll want to take advantage of the many useful tools you can craft in Stardew Valley. However, it may not always be obvious where to find certain ingredients, such as the pine tar you’ll need to make Speed-Gro fertilizer for your crops and looms for creating clothes. Let’s take a look at the steps to take if you want to harvest some pine tar in Stardew Valley.

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Craft a Tapper to Harvest Pine Tar in Stardew Valley

Craft a Tapper Stardew Valley
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Pine Tar in Stardew Valley can be found by harvesting it from pine trees. Keep your axe away here; you don’t want to chop down the tree for this one! Instead, you’ll need to craft a tapper so that you can tap the tree, like tapping for maple syrup but a bit more on the poisonous side.

Tappers are a relatively easy item to craft, as they only require two common components: 40 wood and two copper bars.

To create a tapper, first ensure you’ve collected the ingredients for the recipe. The items will need to be in your inventory for crafting, so if you have a tendency to store things in chests, you’ll want to grab these items first.

Then, open up your crafting menu and find the tapper, which looks like a little wooden bucket with a sort of hanger at the top.

Click on the tapper icon to craft the item, and it will be added to your inventory.

Place The Tapper on a Pine Tree

Pine Tree Stardew Valley
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Once you’ve crafted your tapper, the next step is to place it on a pine tree so it can collect pine tar for you. Go out onto your farm and locate a pine tree. These are easy to identify because of their pointy shape and rugged bark.

Stand next to the pine tree you’d like to tap and find the tapper in your inventory. Then, place the tapper by clicking the A button on Switch or right-clicking on your mouse. You should see the tapper show up on the front of the tree, which means it will now start gathering pine tar.

Wait a Few Days, Then Harvest the Pine Tar

Ready for Harvest Pine Tar
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In Stardew Valley, it takes five days to harvest pine tar. So, you’ll need to wait a bit before you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your new tapper.

When the pine tar is ready to collect, you’ll see a little floating thought bubble in front of the tree with a picture of a jug of pine tar on it. This lets you know you’re ready to harvest the pine tar from that tree. Simply press A on Switch while standing next to the tree, or right-click on PC, and the pine tar will jump into your inventory. Now, you’re ready to use it in crafting recipes, sell it for a profit, or store it for later use.

With these steps, you’ll be able to harvest as much pine tar in Stardew Valley as you could possibly need. Just place more toppers on more trees and watch the jugs of pine tar roll in.