How to get Plant Species X seeds in Ark: Survival Evolved

Even the plants want to kill you.

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In Ark: Survival Evolved it can be difficult to survive, never mind thrive. This is especially true if you find yourself heading into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of PvP. PvP requires players to build carefully and defensively to ensure their tames, resources, and lives are not easily raided by other players. There are a number of different ways to do this, but one of the easier methods to employ, and the most organic is through the use of various Plant Species. In this guide we’ll look at how to get Plant Species X in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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What are Plant Species X and why do you need them in Ark: Survival Evolved

Plant Species X is a defensive plant that functions similarly to an Auto-Turret in Ark: Survival Evolved. Once this plant has grown, it will automatically attack any hostile that comes into its range. The attack it launches is a green spit-like projectile that will damage players similarly to how the Dilophosaur’s venom works, blinding and causing poison damage over time.

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While they don’t do nearly as much damage as an actual turret will do in the game, Plant Species X is a great combination to add to the mix. This is not only due to their blinding effect, but also because they don’t require any special ammunition and are low-cost. Players can choose to change Plant Species X’s targeting system based on what they prefer, using them as a force against hostile players, tames, or even wild creatures.

How to get and use Plant Species X seeds in Ark: Survival Evolved

Plant Species X seeds are not difficult to find in Ark: Survival Evolved. They are more commonly found in swampy areas, near the tops of some mountains, or as a drop when harvesting other berries. On maps like Ragnarok, you can find them in their own unique-looking plants. Harvesting these plants will give you a much larger amount of Plant Species X seeds.

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Once you’ve acquired enough Plant Species X seeds, you’ll need to treat them much like you’d treat any crop you want to grow. This means you’ll need to place a Crop Plot down. As Plant Species X is not a fruit-yielding plant, you won’t need to place them in a greenhouse, but rather where you want your defensive line to be.  Once you’ve placed them, you can either let them get water naturally from rain or run Irrigation Pies with a Tap at the end to provide water. Don’t forget your fertilizer though.