How to get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts

A venomous material

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Pointed Scale is a crafting component needed to build armor sets and upgrade your weapons in Wild Hearts. Like many other rare resources, this item can’t be found in the environment directly; instead, it must be scavenged from the dangerous endemic wildlife of Azuma. Augmenting your weapons and upgrading your armor is vital to surviving hunts against the Giant Kemono you will do battle against. This guide will help you get Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts.

Where to find Pointed Scale in Wild Hearts

Pointed Scale is a tricky item that belongs to a nasty lizard that roams around the Fall-themed environment known as Akikure Canyon. You will unlock this area in Chapter 2 of the campaign. Once you can access the Akikure Canyon, travel west to the Last Bastion Ruins and Six Paths Lagoon locations. Once you reach these locations, hunt a creature known as the Nightshade Monitor.

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These deadly lizards have a black and red coating and can inflict poison with every strike. Slay them and carve them to collect Pointed Scale. Reference the image above to see their precise locations.

How to find Sharp Scale in Wild Hearts

Sharp Scale can also be earned in the same location and by hunting the same species. Sharp Scale will only drop from the invasive variant of these creatures. To farm the invasive version of these critters, you must access the Chapter 3 or Chapter 4 version of this environment.

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Farming these creatures will help you build armor highly resistant to poison, which is critical against certain monsters you will hunt. You can also use these components to create weapon upgrades that feature Poisoning as a weapon trait.