How to get Pokéballs in Pokémon Go during the quarantine

How do you get PokéBalls without leaving your house?

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, developer Niantic has made it easier to obtain PokéBalls in Pokémon Go without leaving your home. This way, players can still participate in Pokémon Go to capture any Pokémon that wander near their home, but players don’t need to leave their home to spin PokéStops to obtain useful items. These are only a handful of ways to obtain them right now, and as the worldwide quarantine continues, more could be on the way.

Each week until stated otherwise, there will be a rotating one-time buyable bundle available for every player to buy a batch of different PokéBalls. The first bundle consists of 100 PokéBalls and is available until March 30.

These bundles only cost a single PokéCoin. Most players acquire PokéCoins through the first few quests, but after that, they’re typically earned by participating in gym battles and having a Pokémon remain in one for over 24-hours. For those who do not have any PokéCoins available, buying 100 costs $0.99 in the PokéShop, available to anyone who runs out or needs that much to purchase the upcoming bundles. We could see Great and Ultra balls coming to these bundles, potentially. We don’t know too much of what to expect from them right now.

All players can now receive 30 gifts from their friends each day. These gifts should now contain more PokéBalls of all varieties in them. Additionally, every player can now hold up to 20 gifts to hand out to other players. Unfortunately, gifts are obtained by visiting locations in the real world and spinning PokéStops, so these could quickly dry up with people staying home. Hopefully, Niantic comes up with a solution for this future problem, but now, it makes it easier for players to send out gifts to everyone on their friend’s list.

Niantic is still coming out with consistent updates to provide players with more opportunities to continue playing Pokémon Go, but by making it easier to stay at home. For example, players no longer have to meet any walking requirements to participate in the Battle League, until further notice. We can expect to hear more in the future, and if more ways to receive PokéBalls become available, we’ll update this guide to reflect the new information. Stay safe, and don’t go outside.