How to get Predator Hides in Ghost of Tsushima

The most dangerous animal is the one that kills you.

Ghost of Tsushima

Predators Hides are an important resource inĀ Ghost of Tsushima, but they can also be difficult to get. You will need them to get upgrades to your range and quickfire ammo pouches from Trappers. Depending on how much ammo you wish to carry, you could need quite a lot of this resource.

There are three sources for Predator Hides:

  • Mongol Dogs – drop one hide
  • Wild Boars – drop two hides
  • Bears – drop five hides

How to find Predators

As you explore the game’s open world, you will occasionally hear the sounds of animals as you venture through the more deserted areas of the game. You will also see a small Paw icon on the screen that indicates that a predator is close. When you see the icon, it is important to stop moving, especially if you are on your horse, or the animal will get spooked and run.

You can try to stealthily sneak up on the animals if you want. This is good for boars, who roam in packs, allowing you to take one out with an arrow, then chasing down the others and finishing them off with your sword.

Bears are a whole other deal, as they will cave in your rib cage with a single swipe of their paw, you need to be especially careful when fighting them. For a bear, you will need to keep your distance and hit it with some arrows before going in close to finish it off. Focus on defense and staying safe, striking only when it makes sense.